Rock formation in the Natural Park Fanes-Sennes-BraiesKids kissing on a mountain meadow with the Dolomites on the backgroundClose-up on a kid's face looking alpine fauna with binoculars in the Natural Park Fanes Sennes Braies during the Experience.Nature programmKids on a slide in the playgroundThree kids play in fresh snow in the mountainsSki school instructor with little students on San Vigilio di Marebbe's tracks

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Family Hotel Dolomites: kid-sized holidays

Relaxation and entertainment for the entire family

Spending your holidays in a Family Hotel in the Dolomites is the best way to spend quality time with your children. Hotel Teresa has always focused on its young guests with the precise goal of creating carefree and exciting moments for them to be shared with the entire family.

Inside our family hotel in San Vigilio di Marebbe you can use the pool and the game room, while outside, in the town, you will find a playground and the sports centre. But what sets us apart from other family hotels in the Dolomites are the many initiatives within the Experience.Nature program through which children can come in contact with the most authentic aspects of the Dolomites: mountain walks, animal sightings, tales of legends around the bonfire, and various educational games with the guards of the Natural Park.

Activities and initiatives to discover the Dolomites

Children are full of curiosity and questions about nature and with the activities organized by our family hotel in the Dolomites, we want to satisfy them. We take children to the Fanes-Senes-Braies Natural Park and introduce them to the wildlife that lives there. During daily and nightly excursions, we will use strong binoculars to observe how our animal friends interact in their natural habitat and, if we are lucky, we can witness some tender moments such as females nursing their young or baby animals that play. The engaging marmots, true tunnelling engineers; chamois and ibex, climbers par excellence; ptarmigan, a master of mimicry; hawks and accipitrids, masters of the sky; and even ermine, mountain hare, owls, and many more.

We will also discover the extraordinary wildlife that live in the forest, teaching our young guests through play to respect the environment and the forests as our planet's lungs and a habitat for fascinating animal species.

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