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Even more relaxation and well-being moments await you. After an exciting and active day in our beautiful Dolomites and on the Kronplatz you will be spoiled. But also the children should have their fun, that’s why we have the following news for this winter:

A bio sauna:

The bio sauna is a pleasant regenerating sauna and the perfect mix between the steam sauna and Finnish sauna. The herbal mixture has a relaxing effect on your body and you will immediately feel the beneficial powers.

A small, reserved relaxation room with hay beds

Already in earlier times, our ancestors on the high alpine pastures pitched their camp in the haystack and felt relaxed, strengthened and reborn the next day. Therefore, we recommend the hay bed, especially after a hike in order to relax and to rest.


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13/01/2020 - 25/01/2020

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