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Excursions and Trekking in the Dolomites: living South Tyrol

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With the several activities and trekking on the Dolomites organized through our program Experience.Nature, mountain and hiking lovers will live a dream vacation at Hotel Teresa. Pleasant walks, adventurous hikes, adrenaline-boosting climbing and magical snowshoe walks through the Fanes-Senes-Braies Park and on the peaks of the Dolomites will allow you to know the most beautiful side of nature in South Tyrol.
Here are some trekking and trips that await you:

Snowshoeing at Crusc De Rit - Monte Croce

This snowshoe hike on Monte Croce will take us to discover the ecology of the Dolomite woods during the winter season. We will see the secrets of the dense pine forests and luminous larch forests and will search for various animal tracks.

At the bottom of the Ciamaor parking lot, we head to the right on a forest road and pass a bridge and the trail. We turn right again, following trail number 13 for about 1 km. We follow the forest road for about 800 m up to a height of 1500 m than continue on path number 13 through spruce and pine forest until we reach a field.
At 1780 m we meet the forest road and continue along path number 15 that ends at Ju de Rit, 1,863 m, where we will climb a large ridge (path no.  6) that after about 750 m takes us back to the forest road. We follow the forest road for three curves then continue to the right towards the Crusc de Rit peak.

Total length: 8 km
Climbing altitude change: +800 m
Estimated length: about 5 h 40 m
Difficulty: average

"Monte Muro" snowshoe hike

This snowshoe hike will lead us to learn the difference between the Dolomites and the rest of the Alps. The view from Monte Muro ranges from the "Piz Bernina" in the west to the "Großglockner" in the east.

From the "Pé de Börz" parking log, we start through a forest in a northeasterly direction. At the first fork we keep right and continue to the next curve with a branch. Here we stay to the left and climb up to the next fork where we take the path that leads to the right to Ref. Monte Muro (Maurerberghütte). When we get to the edge of the woods, made up of stone pines (Pinus cembra), a convenient mountain ridge takes us northwest to the Giogo di Alfarei and from here to the peak of Monte Muro that, due to its open position, is a first rate panoramic peak.

Total length: 10 km
Climbing altitude change: +580 m
Estimated length: about 4 h 30 m
Difficulty: easy/average

Crossing lake Braies to lake della Creta

Besides being an extraordinarily beautiful lake and a jewel of the dolomites, Lake Braies (Lago di Braies) is a leading player in our Ladina legends and owes its distinctive shape to its particular origin due to the damming of the River Braies because of a landslide from Sasso del Signore. 

This excursion will take us through two geological eras.

We start just a few metres from the banks of the lake, following the western bank. We then take dirt path no. 19 towards the "Grünwald" hut (malga). We are surrounded by a spruce forest and the majestic Croda del Becco and the Braies Dolomites. At the "Alte Kaser" cabin we take path no. 25 towards Valle dei Larici where we can observe some Pinaceae that may even be 500 years old. This valley is not often visited so you can even see some of the shy animals.  As soon as we reach the "Ju dles Cacagnares" pass we can admire some subspecies of poppy and orchids as well as small fields of edelweiss and we can take a break and enjoy the panorama that opens towards Val Badia.

A passage in the middle of the rocks takes us to the "Val de Ciastlins", a valley with inestimable ecological value. Since no road has ever reached it and it is "closed" by some falls, it is even difficult to pass through by mountain bike. For this reason the chamois find quiet slopes along the entire valley and they are ideal locations for their "nurseries".

The falls are the final surprise on this excursion. Their cool water refreshes and restores us. If we are lucky we can also see the wallcreeper intent on climbing the walls, or the hobby hawk. Descending towards the "Lago della Creda", we pass through the pines that look like perched bonsai.

Total length: 13.8 km
Altitude change when climbing: + 840 m
Altitude change when descending: -1060 m
Estimated length: about 5 h 45 m
Difficulty: average

Crossing the alpine hut at Pederü

This excursion is truly special and takes you to discover the Fanes in all its shapes and colours. We will walk through the Triassic, Jurassic, Cretaceous, and Paleogene geological periods. It is an adventure made up of unique shapes and colours that change continuously with the sunlight.

We leave from the "Alpine Hut" at the base of the walls of Mt. Conturines and the famous walls of the "Scotoni" and follow path no. 11 towards "Col de Locia". This is an excursion that takes us to discover various ecosystems and we can also observe almost all of the animal species in the Natural Park from the largest such as the red deer and the ibex, to the witnesses of the Ice Age, such as the Alpine hare and ermine.

After the climb towards "Col di Lucia" the wide Gran Fanes valley opens up in front of us with its mountain pine slopes and alpine meadows, where we can find rare plants of the Gentianaceae, Asteraceae, Ericaceae, Saxifragaceae and Ranunculaceae families. Among them we find a stream that comes from the "Ciaval" glacier. The view of the Gran Fanes fountains is priceless, and at a single point we get a view of the imposing Marmolada and Cristallo. The crown of peaks is completed with the Ciampestrin, Casale, Monte Castello, Furcia Rossa, Vallon Bianco, and Col Bechei where the ibex have returned after more than a century.

One last slight climb takes us to Lake Limo (Lago di Limo), a very special lake fed by springs and precipitation that is constantly changing its appearance. From the lake there is a wide view of the Little Fanes basin and the tops of the Lavarella, Santa Croce, Cima Dieci, Cima Nove, Sant’Antonio, Furcia dai Fers, Croda del Becco, and Col Bechei. The solar rays promote a play of shadows from here on out and the "Dolomia Principale" and "Calcari Grigi" peaks are further highlighted.

There is a well-deserved break at the Fanes refuge and then we reach "Lago Verde" a true jewel of the Alps. The water gushes from hundreds of cracks and green moss has settled among the lowest waterfalls. When you observe the karst landscape that surrounds the lake, it is easy to glimpse the animal that symbolizes our park the most, the marmot. The northern slope is defined by its characteristic shape, the "Marmot Parliament".

Total length: 14.5 km
Altitude change when climbing: + 620 m
Altitude change when descending: -800 m
Estimated length: about 4 h 45 m
Difficulty: average

"Fosses" snowshoe hike

This snowshoe hike is perfect for those who love the mountain in the winter and takes place inside two natural parks, the "Fanes-Sennes-Braies" and the "Dolomiti Ampezzane". The silence and enchanting position of the large Fosses valley will remain etched in your memory.

We leave from Pederü and climb the trail towards Fodara Vedla - Sennes.  At 1870m we reach the panoramic path (southerly direction - path no. 7) that joins the road leading directly to the Sennes. From here we climb the road to the northwest until we reach the refuge. Once past it we walk northeast on path no. 6, which after a short climb takes us on the high plateau of the Sennes. We continue northeast until we reach the Biella refuge at Croda del Becco, 2,327 m. From the refuge we descend along path no. 26 to the southeast until we reach the Fosses lakes.

We return west on the path that turns into a trail and reach the Sennes refuge for refreshment. Sleds can also be rented for the descent

Total length: 18 km
Climbing altitude change: + 900 m
Altitude change when descending: -250 m
Estimated length: about 7 h
Difficulty: average

Sunset at "Sas Dla Para"

If the mountain stirs up emotions, sunset on a mountain peak doubles them. It's not just the view but also the special encounters that can occur at this time of the day because when the hikers are heading back to the valley, the animals are waking up and heading to the pastures.

When the forecasts are good we walk from Pederü to Fodara Vedla on dirt road no. 7 (Alta Via of the Dolomites no. 1). Going up the switchbacks we get views of much of the "Val de Mareo", a perfect glacial valley with unique charm that hosts a variety of animal species. In fact, in the afternoon we can see the chamois that climb the steep walls of the Gran Pareis and if we look carefully we can get a glimpse of the large male deer that rest the entire day in the mountain pine.

Looking at the rock steps above the curves we discover the acrobatic experts such as the Alpine swallows and especially the hawks that fly hugging the rock and manage to steer at high speed.

At the top of the curves is a high plateau and the historic "Fodara Vedla" mountain cabin. This small Alpine village has been in existence since the middle ages and was a scene of battle during the Great War in the Dolomites. There are many legends surrounding it and we will tell you them after dinner.

The climb to the peak is very interesting and takes place on three sides while waiting to see a panorama of the mountains of St. Vigilio and Cortina d'Ampezzo.  At sunset the light highlights the Nove Peak, Dieci Peak, Santa Croce, Lavarella, Col Bechei, Tofane, Croda da Lago, Becco di Mezzodì, Pelmo, Sorapis, Cristallo, Marmarole, Cadini di Misurina, Croda Rossa, Croda del Becco, and Muntejela de Sennes.

Total length: 12 km
Climbing altitude change: +914 m
Estimated length: about 5 h 00 m
Difficulty: average

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