Wellness Centre Les Fontaines inside Hotel Teresa in San Vigilio di MarebbeGirl relaxing in the kneipp pool in the wellness centre of Hotel TeresaInterior of the steam sauna in Hotel Teresa's spa in San Vigilio di MarebbeGirl lying on a bed gets massaged on the backRelax area with resting beds in the wellness area of Hotel TeresaGirl touching the mosaic on the wall of Hotel Teresa's wellness areaBasket full of wildflowers and mountain flowers: dandelion, marigold and forget-me-notGirl in a meadow collects dandelion flowers and puts them in a basket

Hospitality culture
Between nature and tradition

Rejuvenate yourself in a Wellness Hotel in South Tyrol

LES FONTANIES Wellness Area at the Hotel Teresa

Your holiday in a Wellness Hotel in South Tyrol will rejuvenate your body and soul. Discover how pleasant it can be to stay in a hotel in the Dolomites  with a pool and wellness centre, an intimate and congenial refuge where you can indulge and pamper yourself after your return from an excursion or from skiing at Plan de Corones.

"Les Fontanies" wellness centre at Hotel Teresa that is available to our guests takes its name from the real fountains that we have here, spontaneous springs that create a natural Kneipp path, perfect for resting your legs and promoting circulation, giving your entire body new force. And to relax, just jump in the hydromassage pool or the sauna where we organize jets of steam with essential oils, then let yourself be lulled on water beds in the relaxation area. Plus: ice caves, revitalizing showers, footbaths, and some healthy sports in the fitness room.

You will also find a bio sauna, the perfect mix between the steam sauna and Finnish sauna. The herbal mixture has a relaxing effect on your body and you will immediately feel the beneficial powers. Last but not least, you will find a small, reserved relaxation room with hay beds. Already in earlier times, our ancestors on the high alpine pastures pitched their camp in the haystack and felt relaxed, strengthened and reborn the next day. Therefore, we recommend the hay bed, especially after a hike in order to relax and to rest.

In our wellness hotel in South Tyrol you can also treat yourself to beauty treatments for the face and body with natural lotions obtained from medicinal herbs cultivated by local and entrusted producers that we choose for you. Our knowledgeable and competent staff is available to advise you on the best treatments for you and to create a beauty program made especially for your needs.

We look forward to your visit so you can fully experience all of the pleasure available in our Wellness Hotel in the Dolomites!

5 principles for health according to the "Kneipp" method.

The original "Kneipp method" considers humans in their holistic integrity and is based on 5 principles ("columns") that are strictly interconnected. The "water doctor", as Sebastian Kneipp was called, described it as follows:

Water, hydrotherapy

"A very special remedy for most disorders, able to extend the helping hand of the Almighty to mankind and that can be found anywhere on earth, this is water" This great gift from the Merciful Father not only eases thirst in men and animals but is also the primary and universal cure for the human body.”

Medicinal herbs, phytotherapy

"You must prevent and cure with herbs and not allow the illness to worsen. Our Lord God made a plant grow for every disorder of our bodies."

Diet, nutritional therapy

"Leave nature natural, food preparation must be simple and not sophisticated. The closer the foods are to their natural state, the healthier they are."

Movement, motion therapy

"Physical exercise is important because it stimulates circulation and the waste products accumulated in the body are excreted through the skin and sweat. If we do not move enough, just like still water becomes stagnant and putrefies, harmful toxins accumulate in our bodies."

Existential order, psycho-hygiene

"Only when I recognized the importance of the health of their spirit and brought it to order did their physical suffering also improve. They were more at peace and content, in short, they were better."

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